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Digital experience

Get ready for Inforum Digital, our ultimate customer event. Discover how you can build on your success. Hear from Infor leadership about our strategy and vision. Learn from industry experts.
Network with fellow attendees. Join online from wherever you are.

What to expect

  • Keynote presentations featuring Infor Executives
  • Regional access to content that’s most relevant to you
  • Access to Infor’s latest innovations and more
  • Innovative Education Sessions, including customer stories and Q&As
  • 1:1 global networking opportunities with your peers and partners

Network and engagement

  • Interact in live Ask the Expert and product demos
  • Reach out to peers that you discover have common interests
  • Customize your event profile
  • Get curated content based on your profile

Session Types

General Session

Don’t miss our opening session. Kicking off Inforum, Infor’s executive leadership team will share our strategic roadmap, showcase our latest innovations, and unveil major product announcements.

Breakout Sessions

Learn from other customers and experts through the Breakout curriculum. These 20-minute sessions provide insights into how to take advantage of new enhancements and make the most of existing capabilities. You can also participate in live demos and more.

Inforum Digital: Our ultimate customer event
Insightful. Interactive. Inforum.