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We speak Aerospace & Defense

The aerospace and defense industry faces unprecedented disruption. Modern and simplified ERP solutions provide tools to overcome today’s challenges, improve operational efficiencies, manage regulatory compliance, and track project budgets. At Inforum Digital, learn how Infor® solutions help you advance, keep pace with rapid innovation, and meet mission critical quality demands.

Featured speakers

Our speakers draw on years of expertise in the A&D industry. Many held key strategic positions or hands-on roles in R&D, engineering, and IT. Now, our experts concentrate on bringing industry-specific functionality to our solutions and helping you achieve your goals.

Lemma Galiani

Senior Director, Solutions | Infor

Lemma Gailani, as Senior Director of Solutions for the ICS Public Sector team, has been with Infor for nine years. She has been working with Infor products  in some capacity for more than

20 years. Lemma was a senior director in product management for Financials and Supply Management where she focused on supporting state and local government ERP requirements for two years before moving into her current role.

Amaury Carrasco

VP, Solution Consulting | Infor

Amaury Carrasco is Vice President of Solution Consulting for the Discrete Manufacturing CloudSuites. With more than 20 years of experience in industry-leading implementation, operations,

and post-M&A integration, Amaury and his teams are responsible for helping our customers innovate and transform their businesses to deliver measurable outcomes. Amaury is Six Sigma certified and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Supply Chain and Logistics.

Arsenin Rodriguez

VP, Industry & Solution Strategy | Infor

Arsenin Rodriguez, Vice President of Industry Strategy, has been working for more than 25 years in the aerosapce and defense (A&D) industry globally. He was responsible for adding the A&D

capabilities into the A&D CloudSuite and worked with global A&D clients in various roles. Currently, he operates as a strategic advisor for development investments and is an executive sponsor for A&D clients.

Ed Talerico

Product Director, Infor LN | Infor

For the past 25 years, Edward has held various positions at Infor before taking his current role as Product Director for Infor LN and the LN Industry CloudSuites. Prior to this, Edward worked at

Lockheed Martin, implementing MRPII systems and selecting ERP solutions for nearly 10 years where he gained valuable experience in the aerospace and defense industry.


Executive Keynote

Hear from Infor’s leaders CEO Kevin Samuelson, CTO Soma Somasundaram, and President, Customer Experience John Frank.

The aerospace and defense briefing: Key industry challenges and how our customers are winning

Hear our aerospace and defense leaders discuss key industry challenges from cloud readiness to supply chain efficiencies, as well as how to enable a sustainable workforce strategy. Learn how our customers are meeting those challenges and driving success.

Infor Platform Sessions

How to prepare, embark and sustain a successful journey to cloud that delivers real business value

Learn how Infor is helping our customers move to the cloud. Find out how to reduce risk and complexity while optimizing your resources.

Why role-based solutions matter when conquering industry-specific challenges

Good software is designed to provide the best user experience. More than just the look and feel, the user experience should enable interaction and usability to drive worker satisfaction. Great product design seeks to build upon the user experience, learn from it, and shape it to meet each user’s unique needs to streamline productivity, provide all relevant content in a single location, and essentially make work easier so we can focus on the things that truly matter. Learn how leveraging role-based solutions increases productivity and visibility in your business.

Achieving real-time value at work

Discover how smart, preconfigured, and modern solutions deliver tangible business outcomes by removing complexity and accelerating time to value.

Discover how Infor’s customer focus is transforming digital transformation journeys

Infor customers are optimizing their digital transformation plans by partnering beyond the software. Discover how Infor is helping them realize the value of their investments faster, while mitigating risk.

Driving continuous customer value from Infor OS

What makes our industry ERP smart and modern is our platform technology Infor OS, an enterprise application platform that lets us configure a solutions ecosystem that’s exactly right for each business. Infor OS gives us the ability to connect processes and data even beyond the walls of Infor and any given ERP. Learn how Infor OS provides a unified backbone for continuous innovation and defines the true value of moving to the cloud, such as predictive analytics, RPA and advanced automation, detecting fraudulent activities, and eventually self-healing workflows.

Navigating security in the cloud

A cloud environment is only as secure as its weakest link in the cloud security chain. The Infor Cloud employs a “defense-in-depth” strategy. Multiple layers of overlapping security safeguard customer data through each link of the chain. These security controls are enforced by a team of specialists who continuously monitor and improve the Infor Cloud security posture to stay ahead of threats and vulnerabilities. Join Infor security experts to explore how Infor prioritizes security, including governance, risk, and compliance; infrastructure security; and application security.

Product Sessions

Increase operational velocity and optimize supply chain performance with LN

LN increases the efficiency of your operations from design and production, including maintenance and repair. Explore how LN transforms your ERP from a system of record to a system that connects disparate organizations within your enterprise with actionable insights and best business processes, including value-added Infor extended solutions to increase profitability and reduce costs.

Simplify and automate complex manufacturing processes with SyteLine and CloudSuite Industrial

Discrete and process manufacturers globally use SyteLine and CloudSuite Industrial to simplify and automate their complex manufacturing processes. Learn about the range of customer outcomes from capabilities such as: advanced planning, material management, financials, and everything manufacturers need to succeed.

Powering digital transformation with SunSystems Cloud

Discover the newest evolution of SunSystems—SunSystems Cloud. With Infor OS at its core, SunSystems Cloud combines the best-in-class general ledger design of the on-premises SunSystems solution with the utility of OS infrastructure, including improved security, a simplified integration layer, and an enhanced user interface. Learn how leading companies leverage SunSystems Cloud to securely couple their core finance and accounting functions to improve business performance, increase financial close efficiency, and reduce back-office costs.

Responsibly leverage data and analytics to identify and develop top talent with Talent Science

Get to know Talent Science, a cloud-based predictive talent analytics and assessment solution. By leveraging large quantities of behavioral and performance data from your workforce, Talent Science helps match talent inside and outside your organization with any job across your business. Learn how organizations intelligently and insightfully identify and develop top talent—all from a single behavioral assessment.

Discover the building blocks for a proactive supply chain

Today, many supply chains are reactive. Where visibility data exists, supply chain practitioners must search through huge volumes of uncorrelated data to figure out what’s happening. When disruptions occur, they learn about it too late and then must spend hours pulling and formatting data before they can act. This leaves practitioners with sub-optimal options and sometimes the inability to take any action. Learn how a supply chain network provides advanced supply chain visualization, predictive sensing, and intelligent decision support so practitioners can proactively and efficiently react to disruptions before they occur.

Optimizing warehouse fulfillment with cloud WMS

Today’s warehouses must track associate productivity, inventory, and equipment in real-time. Knowing who is and what’s available to fulfill hot shipments can make a competitive difference for your business. Join us to discuss the new era of fulfillment being driven by the digitally savvy consumer and learn how a robust warehouse management system helps warehouses achieve perfect order fulfillment at the lowest possible cost, while streamlining operations to exceed customer expectations.

The future of EAM: Explore how smart digital realities can help grow your business with Hexagon

Learn about Hexagon, a leader in delivering smart digital realities that combine inputs from reality capture sensors with advanced visualization software and tools to enable remote, location-based intelligence. Discover how Infor EAM puts the power of these insights into the hands of those on-site, enhancing their field of view with superimposed digital information, meaning you can literally do more and further the possibilities of digital realities.


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