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Inforum Digital

That’s a wrap

Thank you to our customers and partners for another successful event.
Enjoy the highlights from Inforum Digital January 25-26, 2022.

News updates

Infor 2021 Customer Excellence Award Winners

Nine organizations recognized for driving innovation with exceptional business results

Announcing Infor Marketplace

Designed to make it easier for customers to discover, source and license industry and micro-vertical solutions that integrate with Infor’s portfolio of enterprise software

What’s next for Infor events

Your time is valuable. That’s why we’re reimagining our event strategy.
We want to make your time spent with us more engaging, relevant, and convenient.

Moving forward, the events that we’re going to host, either in-person or digital will be more closely aligned to your business challenges, and will look different from years past. We’re not planning to continue Inforum as it was previously designed, but instead we’ll participate in industry-specific events that focus on meeting safely with customers, partners and prospects. We believe this strategy will result in a more personalized experience, with higher-quality engagement.