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WIN Special Session

The next frontier

Wednesday, September 26, 11:00AM – 12:30PM


The Women’s Infor Network (WIN) session is a favorite of all Inforum attendees.  Our 2018 session will focus on the future, as we welcome a diverse group of women to speak to their leadership and perseverance in bringing new technologies and new approaches to solving the world’s difficult problems.  From artificial intelligence to cultural change, this year’s session will enlighten, surprise, and inspire you.

The Change Makers

Infor COO Pam Murphy moderates the Inforum 2017 WIN Special Session

4:04 • WATCH 2017 RECAP


Pam Murphy

Chief Operating Officer at Infor

Pam Murphy has been the Chief Operating Officer at Infor since October 2011. Pam’s key achievements include leading Infor’s cloud strategy and the company’s infrastructure partnership with Amazon Web Services, deploying more meaningful benefits to 13,000 employees around the world, and launching Women’s Infor Network (WIN).

Before joining Infor, Pam spent 11 years at Oracle Corporation, where she ran Global Sales Operations, Consulting Operations for Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Field Finance function for the company’s global business units.

*Pam will be hosting the WIN Special Session.

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